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North Bristol National Health Service Trust / Bristol Urological Institute

The Bristol Urological Institute (BUI), as part of the North Bristol NHS (National Health Service) Trust, was established in 1993 as a charity to promote research into urological diseases and to provide high quality undergraduate and post graduate teaching.


Country: United Kingdom
Type: Research Institute(End-User)

In 2010 BUI was incorporated into North Bristol NHS Trust, Southmead Hospital, Bristol. The Institute now offers a complete clinical service to patients with urological problems and provides teaching and research. It attracts major national and international grants, publishes extensively in all areas of urology, participates in international clinical trials, promotes charitable donations and provides premier patient services. Bristol urologists have always been at the cutting edge, introducing robotic surgery, pioneering urodynamics, promoting minimally invasive kidney stone surgery and investing in community delivered diagnostics. Teaching has been a major component of our work with our certificated courses setting an international standard and generations of young urologists leaving us with new skills. BUI intends to remain a patient-focused organisation, promoting urology through research, teaching and premier patient care and by working with professionals to build on its research successes over the last 20 years.