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SMARTsurg envisioned system vs existing surgical technologies (Da Vinci)

The image presents the differences between the existing surgical technologies (Da Vinci) and the SMARTsurg envisioned system.

The differences are divided into three categories: Master Manipulator, Slave Manipulator and Visualization.

Sensory Additions:

• 3D Vision system for inspecting the surgical field.

• RGBD sensor monitoring the surgeon side.

• Sensor-less force detection of tissue grasping.

Master Manipulator Additions:

• A hand exoskeleton for better tissue manipulation and grasping and an extended multi-DOF shaft for better dexterity inside the abdomen interfaced with Haption Virtuose 6D, and Cybernetix Real Time 3D supervision software managing the haptic force-feedback between the slave and the master exoskeleton.

• Wearable smart glasses for augmented reality guidance of the surgeon.

Slave Manipulator Additions:

• An anthropomorphic multi-digit surgical instrument with universal usability designed for the diverse considered use-cases integrated with a 6DOF manipulator for gross positioning at the surgical site.